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2B Wing Chai Industrial Building

27 - 29 Ng Fong Street

San Po Kong, Kowloon, HK


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Neo Music Production provides live music entertainment for wedding and events, and composes music for movies, Cantonpop artistes, commercials, and games.  In 2017, composer Yusuke Hatano won the Best Original Film Score at the 36th Hong Kong Film Awards, Los Angeles Golden Screen Awards, and Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards.

About Us

What we can offer you​

Our aim is to to be a musical adventurer in today's music scene.  We work closely with our clients to fulfill their desired needs in music.  We are passionate in what we do and each project that we work on is important to us.  You can expect a friendly, creative and productive working relationship every time.

Why Neo Music Production?​​

We are music enthusiasts dedicated to providing you with the best music you can find in town, whether it is musicians for your wedding, original songs specially made for you,  or private music courses.  We are here to make music enjoyable for you.

The Directors



Yusuke Hatano  (波多野裕介) is the co-founder, pianist, composer, and arranger of Neo Music Production.  Yusuke holds a Bachelors degree in Music Composition from the University of Queensland, Australia.  Interested in a range of musical genres - from classical and jazz to contemporary and electronic music - Yusuke spent the formative years of his career as a jazz pianist in Brisbane, Australia, before relocating to Hong Kong in 2011. His feature film works include SOULMATE (七月與安生), THE GREAT DETECTIVE (大偵探霍桑), MAD WORLD (一念無明), FULL STRIKE (全力扣殺), HAPPINESS (幸運是我),  LINE WALKER (使徒行者), ZOMBIOLOGY: ENJOY YOURSELF TONIGHT (今晚打喪屍).  In 2017, Yusuke won Best Music at the Hong Kong Film Awards, Golden Screen Awards in Los Angeles, and Hamilton Behind the Camera Award.  


Jean holds a Masters degree in Creative Production and Arts Management and a Bachelors degree in Entrepreneurship and Sound Studies from Queensland University of Technology, Australia.  She was awarded the Dean's List for Academic Excellence for her Masters degree.  As an active member of the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild since 1999, Jean participated in organising events and performances for the entertainment industry.  Returning from Australia, Jean decided to fully dedicate her passion to the Hong Kong entertainment industry.