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Yusuke Hatano 波多野裕介

Composer Yusuke Hatano  (波多野裕介) received his first awards at the age of 31.  He was the youngest Japanese composer ever to nominate and win at the Hong Kong Film Awards.  In the same year, he has also been honored with Los Angeles Golden Screen Award and Hamilton Behind the Camera Award for his original film scores.


Interested in a range of musical genres - from classical and jazz to contemporary and electronic music - Yusuke spent the formative years of his career as a jazz pianist in Brisbane, Australia, before relocating to Hong Kong in 2011.  In 2017, Yusuke was invited as the featured guest for the grand opening of the 11th China Cup.  In 2019, Yusuke was commissioned to composed an Earth themed original music inspired by the GAIA Artwork.


Some of his feature film scores include Fagara (花椒之味), Soulmate (七月與安生), and Mad World (一念無明).  His recent film score has earned his nomination at the Hong Kong Film Awards this 2020.  


Upcoming projects include Dynasty Warriors (真三國無雙) and Salvation..


Hong Kong Film Awards

Best Original Film Score


Yusuke Hatano 波多野裕介 golden screen awards


L.A. Golden Screen Awards

Best Original Film Score <SOULMATE>

Yusuke Hatano 波多野裕介 hamilkton behind the camera awards


Hamilton Behind The Camera Awards

Best Original Film Score


Yusuke Hatano 波多野裕介 china cup

11th China Cup

Opening Performance

Film Score

Pop Compositions & Arrangements

Commercials & Microfilms

Original Soundtracks

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